• The We Serve Awards will be broadcast live from DAR-Constitution Hall on the American Forces Network/DoD News Channel at 7pm on Saturday, November 8, 2014. Check your local listings for DoD News Channel.
  • Major General Mark Graham is photographed in his office next to two photos of his late sons. In the pictures: Kevin Graham is on the left and Jeffrey Graham is on the right.
  • The Old Guard Fife & Drum Corps
  • Pershing's Own United States Army Band
  • In every American war from the Revolutionary War to the Persian Gulf War, American military men and women have captured the horror, pathos and intensity of warfare by writing letters home. Tens of thousands of these letters have been handed down from generation to generation. Using the most compelling and enlightening of these missives, War Letters tells the story of American wars from the viewpoint of the men and women in the front lines.

Welcome to the Home of the We Serve Awards

We Serve, Inc. provides national recognition and financial awards to veteran non-profit organizations demonstrating excellence in services that heal the body, mind and spirit of veterans.

We Serve, Inc. recognizes the importance of spirit in the healing of veterans. Through the We Serve Awards™, veterans will inform America about the unique problems they endure and who has been there to help. Currently there is no efficient oversight for the billions of dollars donated annually to support veteran charities. The We Serve, Inc. charter is to make veterans the authority and show America the programs and activities offering true value in healing. This is accomplished through a series of fireside chats, crowd-sourced virtual conversations, nominations and voting. The winners for each of the categories are presented during the televised We Serve Awards™ Veterans Day Tribute.

2014 We Serve Award Categories
Mentoring | Reentry | Family | Crisis

Our Mission:   To listen to veterans, recognize and award the efforts of the people and organizations that have made a tangible difference.